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These are various tasks for people to perform on GTA Wiki.

This page is not policy, but a collection of suggestions, which has been established through GTW's working practices and policies.


Anybody can perform these tasks

Page Jobs

  • Expanding important articles
  • Fixing pages from the Delete category (if possible)
  • Merging pages
  • Ongoing Cleanup of pages (see GTA Wiki:Cleanup)
  • Enhancing Stubs
  • I messed up; I thought I was editing one of my wiki's templates and it turned out that I was editing the "Infobox Characters" template on this site. I'm so sorry! I restored the template as well as I could back to how it was (but there are some details like the boxes are blue instead of brown), but I need some help. I'll keep trying to restore some character pages, but I cannot do it alone. Please help!




Admin Only

These tasks can only be performed by an Administrator:

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