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Galilee is an unincorporated community in Blaine County west of Grapeseed on the northern shores of the Alamo Sea. The community appears to have some buildings running off the grid while others use generators for power.

Events of GTA Online

The community appears in the mission Lost My Mind, when the The Lost MC found a new meth lab in Galilee and Trevor orders the player to head there and kill The Lost MC members in order to take control of the meth lab.

In the heist setup missions Humane Raid - Insurgents and Humane Raid - Valkyrie, the two Insurgents and the Valkyrie must be delivered to one of the boat yards in Galilee once they are stolen from the Merryweather Security in the Davis Quartz Quarry and the Los Santos Naval Port respectively.



The area is possibly based on the unincorporated areas of Mecca and Niland in California. It could be named after the biblical name for the land of Galilee in northern Israel.


  • Body Armor (2)
    • South side of Millar's Fishery.
    • At north, inside a large warehouse, next to a boat.


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