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'''[[File:Galveston.png|thumb|The Galveston Ave, (red) in the Algonquin map.]]Galveston Avenue''' is a 20-block long north-south street located near [[Middle Park]], [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]], the fourth-longest street in Liberty City. It runs through [[Northwood]], [[North Holland]], [[Varsity Heights]], [[Middle Park West]], [[Purgatory]], [[Westminster]], [[The Meat Quarter]], and [[Castle Garden City]]. It's likely based on New York's [[wp:Ninth Avenue|Ninth Avenue]]. A [[Banshee]] can be stolen for [[Stevie|Stevie's]] [[Stevie's Car Thefts|car thefts]] near the overpass in [[Middle Park West]]. The street is featured in [[Ray Boccino|Ray]]'s mission [[A Long Way to Fall]], where Niko goes to an apartment on [[Galveston Ave|Galveston]] and executes a thug named [[Teddy Benavidez]]. Galveston Avenue has the [[North Holland]] [[Burger Shot]] on it at the intersection with [[Topaz Street]].
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==Importance in The Ballad of Gay Tony==
It also plays an important role in TBoGT, as it features three important locations specific to that game. These include [[Luis Fernando Lopez]]'s first and only safehouse, the [[Northwood Apartment]] along the avenue's northern limits in [[Northwood]], in addition to both of [[Tony Prince]]'s nightclubs: [[Hercules]] in the northern part of [[Westminster]] and [[Maisonette 9]] in the southern part of Westminster.
*The name of the street is named after the city, [[wp:Galveston, Texas|of the same name]], in southeastern [[wp:Texas|Texas]].
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