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The Boss or Don is the leader of a mafia or gang who makes the important decisions for his/her gang or organisation, with some decisions made on the advice of their Consigliere, or adviser. This word doesn't always mean a mafia boss, but also other bosses from criminal families, gangs and other criminal organizations.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Victor Vance - Vance Crime Family

Just as in GTA: Vice City, the protagonist Victor Vance is the leader of his own crime organization, the Vance Crime Family.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Tommy Vercetti - Vercetti Gang

In GTA Vice City, the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti is the leader of the Vercetti Gang. The Vercetti gang was formed when Tommy killed Ricardo Diaz, the leader of a former gang in Vice City called Diaz' Gang. GTA Vice City one of the only games in the series in which you play as the leader of any gang.

Auntie Poulet - Haitian Gang

From 1984, shortly after the Cubans defeated the Cholos, Poulet and her Haitians gang came to Vice City and took over the Little Haiti district, starting a gang war with Umberto Robina and his Cubans gang. During the storyline of GTA Vice City, she gives the player various jobs to weaken the Cuban gang. After her final mission she cuts all her ties with Tommy. Following this Tommy starts working for the Cubans and blows up the Haitian drug plant.

Umberto Robina - Cuban Gang

Umberto Robina is the leader of the Cuban Street gang (also called Los Cabrones). During the events of GTA Vice City, he employed Tommy to ambush a Haitian drug deal and infiltrate a Haitian Drugs Factory. Then, after Auntie Poulet cuts all her ties with Tommy, Umberto employs Tommy to destroy a haitian drug plant. After Tommy has destroyed the Haitian drug plant,Umberto phones Tommy to commend him on proving himself to Umberto and his father, telling Tommy: "Tommy, to us, you're Cuban".

Mitch Baker - Vice City Bikers

Mitch bakes is the leader of a local bike gang called Vice City Bikers. Tommy needed to earn the respect of his gang so that they provide security in a Love Fist Concert. Firstly, Mitch asks Tommy to prove himself in a bike race. After Tommy wins, Mitch tells him that he knows about Tommy's history and tells him to create chaos in the city, "to show who's the boss". Finally he orders Tommy to re-take his Angel stolen by the Sharks. After Tommy succeeds in re-taking the bike, Mitch agrees to provide security in the Love Fist Concert.

Sharks' Leader - Sharks

He is the un-named leader of the Sharks gang. At some point, he joined the Sharks street gang, and by 1986, became the gang's leader. Nothing is known about his life before 1986, except that he is an associate of both Ricardo Diaz and Leo Teal. He is possibly the man who called Tommy after he murdered Leo Teal.

The leader apparently stole 3% of Ricardo Diaz' money, making Diaz very angry about it. Diaz sends Tommy Vercetti, who finds the leader. The leader begins to shoot at Tommy and later escapes with a BF Injection. Tommy follows to see where he hide Diaz' money, at a villa that is controlled by the Sharks.

Later, Diaz sends Tommy and Lance Vance to kill him at his own villa, destroying his gang and taking back the money. During a short shootout between them at the top of the villa, he is killed by Vercetti, who takes back the money to Diaz. A strange thing is that even after Tommy kills him, the Sharks do not become hostile to him.

Ricardo Diaz - Diaz' Gang

Notable bosses in both 3D and HD Universe

Italian/Sicilian Mafia
Russian Mafia
Asian Gangs
Jamaican Posses
Street Gangs
Crime Syndicates
Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

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