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Gang War A Go-Go!, or Start A Gang War! on the PlayStation version, is the seventh and final job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Elmo of the Loonies. The mission is the second mission available from the red Loony phone in Sunnyside of the Downtown District.


Elmo is bored so he asks Claude to kill the Yakuza and Zaibatsu's top three men, in an effort to start a gang war.


Elmo: Hey, Jumbo! Elmo here. I'm bored so I'm starting a gang war. First, I want you to steal a Zaibatsu Z-Type and run down Johnny Zoo's three top Yakuza.

(Claude drives to Zaibatsu territory and jacks a Z-Type)

Elmo: Ooh, the Z-Type is cool, Jumbo. Now get hunting those Yakuza!

(Claude drives to Yakuza territory)

Elmo: Welcome to Yakuza Town, Jumbo! Happy hunting!

(Claude kills the first marked man)

Elmo: Hey. Them bones, them bones, them broken bones!

(Claude kills the second marked man)

Elmo: Hoo-hoo! I bet that hurts!

(Claude kills the last marked man)

Elmo: I say! That's the style!

Elmo: Steal a Yakuza Miara and drive over to the Zaibatsu quarter - then run over Trey Welsh's top three Z-Lieutenants. Ha ha ha!

(Claude jacks a Miara)

Elmo: Cool, Jumbo! Now it's off to the Zaibatsu quarter for some corporate killing.

(Claude drives to Zaibatsu territory)

Elmo: The air's clean - it can only be the Zaibatsu quarter. Gentlemen, start your killin'!

(Claude kills the first marked man)

Elmo: Zaibatsu for lunch!

(Claude kills the second marked man)

Elmo: Mmm, Zaibatsu for dinner!

(Claude kills the last marked man)

Elmo: And Zaibatsu between meals!

Elmo: Nice, Jumbo! Stick with the Loonies - we always have the most fun. Here's $60,000 for you to play with.


Completing the mission will give you $60,000.


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