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Gary Sheen is a British DJ on Independence FM, a radio station exclusive to the PC port of Grand Theft Auto IV. He appears only if the player chooses to have the station function like a standard radio channel, including a DJ and commercials.

He is voiced by Tom Patrick Stephens.


Like most DJs in the GTA series, Gary appears between songs and advertising, ranting and commenting on various topics. Gary shows a degree of egoism as well as cynicism and bitterness, owing to his broken relationships with an unknown number of women, and his claim to fame as a result of the dot-com boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s and his venture as an organizer of music festivals (which he claims he invented). As a result, Gary would often belittle any song that plays in Independence FM and claim that he will cut his wrist during a commercial. Gary is heard speaking in a accent.

It is also hinted that he was a porn actor.


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