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The Jerry Can is an item and a weapon in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Jerry Can is a red 2.5 gallon petrol can that the player can use to pour out, creating pools and trails of petrol. The petrol can be ignited to engulf nearby objects including cars and NPCs. A trail can be ignited in many different ways, including shooting it and burning out with a car on the gas trail.

The Jerry Can will blow up when shot at and when being set on fire while holding it. (If it's not empty), and can take half of the player's health when they are near it. The Jerry Can's only use is for setting alight cars and people, and cannot be used to refuel cars. It Can cannot be used blow up electric cars (e.g. the Voltic).

In the enhanced version, when pouring the Jerry Can in the same spot for more than 2 seconds, a larger puddle of fuel will appear, and is more flammable.


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  • "Jerry" is a military slang term for a German soldier, so "Jerry Can" literally means "German Can". During World War II, these cans were used for quick refueling of Panzers and proved more robust for storing fuel than their American and British counterparts, so the German design was reverse engineered for use by the Allies.
  • According to inscriptions on the Can (Kraftstoff 20L - Feuergefährlich – 1939/Flammable fuel, 20L, 1939), it can hold 20 litres of fuel. In-game, however, it can only hold 10 litres.


  • In GTA Online, this explosion pushes players in Passive Mode, while any other explosive weapons doesn't.
  • In the beta version of the game, the Jerry Can had a greenish-gray (possibly camo) color (as seen in the screenshot below), implying that the Jerry Can was made for military purposes, instead of being civilian, or there are 2 paint schemes (like weapon's tints in Ammu-Nation). 
  • Although Trevor is constantly seen in artworks holding a silver Zippo-styled lighter (along with the Jerry Can) in a pose implying the use of it to ignite the gasoline from the can, the player still has to use other methods to ignite the gas in the actual game, and the Zippo lighter is not seen in the game at all.
  • Using all of its fuel is not possibly visible, as after 50%, the trail starts to disappear from the start. [citation/verification needed]
  • An exhaust backfire with any car or bike on a gasoline puddle or trail will set the gasoline on fire.
  • If a player is killed while holding a Jerry Can, and it is shot and destroyed before that player respawns, they will respawn with the can but it will be empty.


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