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Gay Gordo's Bouffant Boutique, or just simply Gay Gordo's, is chain of several barber shops featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Outlets can be found in northern Ocean Beach, Vice City in GTA Vice City, where it is non-interactive, and in Redsands East in Las Venturas, San Andreas in GTA San Andreas, where the shop is accessible and the player can get haircuts there.

The company's slogan is "Mullets and Flattops a specialty".


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Style Respect Sex Appeal Price
Cesar 5 15 $60
Blonde Hair 0 15 $60
Pink Hair 0 0 $200
Blonde Afro 15 15 $300
Blonde Cornrow 30 30 $660
High Afro 15 0 $150
Wedge 20 20 $150
Detail Cut 25 30 $100
Groove Cut 30 30 $600
Mohawk 20 10 $200
Blonde Mohawk 10 15 $250
Pink Mohawk 0 0 $400



  • The name Gay Gordo's is a pun on the fact that barbers are sometimes seen as being gay.

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