Gaydar Station is the only accessible nightclub in San Fierro, San Andreas.


Found in the Queens district, Gaydar Station's name is an obvious nod to gay culture. "Gaydar" (a portmanteau of the words "gay" and "radar") means to have the ability to "detect" if a person is LGBT+ by either their appearance, personality, or mannerisms.

The interior is identical to the Alhambra in the Idlewood district of Los Santos, as well as the unnamed club near The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas. There are also vending machines for Sprunk and snacks, arcade machines, and the red marker where the player can access the rhythm-based dancing challenge. It also plays music from SF-UR, much like the other clubs.

Since this club is located in Queens, which is based on San Francisco's Castro district (a largely LGBT+ community), coupled with the name of the club, it's presumed that Gaydar Station is a gay bar.


  • There is a bug involving the left door of the club. Use a Chainsaw so that you can get in, inside the entrance block is nothing but a black hollow wall.