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Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German)
Flag of Germany.svg
MottoEinigkeit und Recht und Freiheit (Unity, Justice and Freedom)
Official language(s) German
 -  President Joachim Gauck
 -  Chancellor Angela Merkel
Establishment 3 October 1990 (German reunification)
EU accession 1 January 1958
 -   estimate 80,219,695 (as of 2011
Currency Euro

Germany (in German: Deutschland) is a country in Europe. Its capital and largest city is Berlin. The country uses the USK rating system to rate all Grand Theft Auto releases, with the majority of the series being rated USK 16+.

The country is located in western Europe. It is bordered by Netherlands to the northwest, Belgium, Luxembourg and France to the west, Switzerland to the southwest, Austria to the southeast, Czech Republik and Poland to the east and Denmark to the north.

Since Germany is quite strict on ratings, after paranoia over violent video games, a number of the GTA games (since GTA III) have suffered cuts or edits. Some examples include: the removal of blood, pedestrians no longer dropping money when killed, no headshots, some missions removed, some weapons missing, or lack additional functionality.

References in Grand Theft Auto

2D Universe

3D Universe

  • Hans Oberlander, a DJ in GTA San Andreas, is from Germany. He utters German phrases in between songs.
  • Adolf Hitler is mentioned in cutscene of San Andreas mission Verdant Meadows, where Mike Toreno reads a history book and says Hitler never killed himself.
  • Hitler is mentioned again in San Andreas on the radio station WCTR on the "I Say/You Say", show, where Peyton Phillips says he's vegetarian.
  • Kent Paul mentioned the German city Hamburg in the mission Vertical Bird, which he says, "You shouldn't be choking the gecko in the first place! Remember what happened at that gig in Hamburg?!"
  • The Auto Bahn car dealership in GTA San Andreas gets its name from the Autobahn, Germany's freeway system. Its logo also features the German flag.
  • The song "99 Luftballons", by German New Wave group Nena, is featured on Wave 103 and performed in their native language. The English version of the song is called "99 Red Balloons", which is where the collectibles in Vice City Stories got their name.
  • The Fleisch Berg, a brewery in Flint County, translates to 'meat mountain' in German.
  • The 3D Universe rendition of Admiral has a German background.
  • Reni Wassulmaier, a DJ in Liberty City Stories and a character Vice City Stories, is from Germany.

HD Universe

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