"It's a landmark but that's about it. Big fucking deal. Another big building. Why don't you go add it to your album of terrorist targets."

The GetaLife Building is a skyscraper featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is located Easton, on the borough of Algonquin, between Jade Street and Iron Street, on Columbus Ave, right in front of the Grand Easton Terminal. The building was constructed in 1962, and stands at a height of 808 feet. The GetaLife Building is the 6th tallest building in Liberty City. Since the real-life MetLife, Inc. is a life insurance company, it is assumed that GetaLife also works with insurance.

The name, being based on the MetLife signage on the MetLife Building, is a joke on the phrase "Get a Life". This might be taken as a message from the Rockstar developers to those who play video games too much.


The building is a parody of its real-life counterpart, the MetLife Building, located in roughly the same location in Manhattan.


  • The facade of the building's lower base is reused for a skyscraper locating Jerkov's in Hatton Gardens and the new block of the Suffolk LCPD station.
  • Jase flies over here on his Heli-tour with the player.
  • Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be a traditional street entrance to the building, as the base is connected to Grand Easton Terminal to the south and a building that resembles the Helmsley Building to the north. 

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