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"Liberty City is in shock today as the Police and emergency services deal with the aftermath of a devastating attack on a police convoy this morning. As yet, no details have been released about the prisoners being transfered on the convoy and no group has claimed responsibility."
― Reporter

Give Me Liberty is the first storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto III. It is given to protagonist Claude by explosives expert 8-Ball from the Callahan Bridge, Portland Island, Liberty City. The mission serves as the opening sequence that the player controls.

Mission Description

After the previous attack took place, Claude and 8-Ball are now free but stuck in Portland due to the bombing of the Callahan Bridge. 8-Ball knows where to hide and where to seek work, but Claude will need to drive due to 8-Ball's injured hands.

They arrive in Claude's new safehouse in Red Light District and change into normal clothes before driving to Luigi's Sex Club Seven. 8-Ball and Claude head to the back and use the service door. This is when the next mission takes place.


Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the car
  • Drive to the hideout
  • Head over to Luigi's Club


The Portland Safehouse will be unlocked and completion of the mission immediately unlocks the mission "Luigi's Girls" for Luigi Goterelli.


  • Between the beginning of the mission and "Last Requests", the player can in fact cross the damaged Callahan Bridge to gain access to both Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale early. See Callahan Bridge Exploits for more details.
  • The player can exploit this mission to allow Claude to don the orange Liberty State Penitentiary jumpsuit outside the mission. Requiring a saved game, the player must first load it then start a new game. Once the cutscenes preceding the mission are over, the player must then load the saved game again, allowing the player character to appear in the jumpsuit in the saved game. 
  • After some time has passed, a pair of LCPD police cars respond to the distress signal and will drive up the bridge. However, upon closer inspection, the police cars will just stop at the damaged part of the bridge, and the officers inside will not do anything. Even if you ram their vehicles, run in front of them repeatedly showing your prison jumpsuit, or obtain a weapon and attack the vehicle, you will not get the usual wanted level. It is even possible, with a larger vehicle, to ram the police cars into the gap on the destroyed bridge.
  • If you fail this mission, the opening scene replays, instead of either taking you back to the hideout, hospital, or police station.
  • The burning wreckage consists of an LCPD Enforcer turned over on its side, and a wrecked Mafia Sentinel. However, a Mafia Sentinel was not part of the convoy and was not seen when the Colombians attacked. Also, as the GTA III physics engine does not permit cars to be turned over on its side, the cars will either be right side up or upside down. Strangely, standing in the flames of the destroyed cars will not burn Claude.
  • The mission title is a reference to Patrick Henry's famous words "Give me liberty or give me death!".
  • Oddly, in the mission 8-Ball states that his hands are "all messed up", but seemed to have no difficulty punching the policeman after the members of the cartel had left and, shortly after making the statement opening a car door.  Also, one wonders how he could change his clothes in this state, unless Claude helps him to change them.
  • The mission's name is a triple entendre, as "give me liberty" is a synonym of "give me freedom", referencing Claude and 8-Ball's escape from the prison escort, "give me Liberty" could also be said as the game then takes place in Liberty City, and finally, as mentioned before, the name is a reference to Patrick Henry's famous words.
  • During the mission, the player is absent of gaining wanted levels, but only for the first two in-game hours (until 6:00AM).
  • Non-chronologically, this is the first storyline mission in the 3D Era.
  • In the beta, the car you were meant to drive was a Beamer (see gallery).
  • The Kuruma you get at the very beginning of the mission has a unique color (teal) that can't be found anywhere else.
  • No matter what's the time you enter the car, the radio will not play until you enter it, so any time you enter it, it will play the same music.


Video Walkthroughs

PC Version
GTA3 Intro & Mission 1 - Give Me Liberty (HD)06:16

GTA3 Intro & Mission 1 - Give Me Liberty (HD)

iPad 2 Version
GTA3 - iPad 2 - Intro & Mission 1 - Give Me Liberty06:15

GTA3 - iPad 2 - Intro & Mission 1 - Give Me Liberty

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