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Glen Park, Los Santos, as viewed to the southwest in GTA San Andreas.

Glen Park, is a district slightly to the north-east of the city center of Los Santos, San Andreas. It is based on MacArthur Park and Echo Park in Los Angeles. The district is quite affluent and middle-class even though there is severe gang activity and drug trafficking. Glen Park is controlled by the Ballas gang in the early part of 1992, and is close to other Ballas controlled districts, namely Jefferson and Idlewood. It is later controlled by the Grove Street Families. Besides the two aforementioned districts, nearby areas include Downtown Los Santos, the Mulholland Intersection and the Los Santos Vagos-controlled Las Colinas. There are two known residents: Mark "B Dup" Wayne and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne, who moved to Glen Park from Ganton. Little Weasel, a Ballas gang member, may also live in Glen Park. Glen Park has a population of 241 as of 1992, being one of the most densely populated neighborhoods as of its size. Glen Park is mixed race.

File:GlenPark DetailedMap HQ.png

Glen Park consists of many single-family homes, apartments, a skatepark and a large palm-tree dominated parkland area with a central pond and overpass bridge. The nearby County General Hospital can also be found despite being located in the official zone of Jefferson.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Glen Park in the early part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is controlled by the Kilo Tray Ballas, although they eventually lose the area to the Grove Street Families (during the mission Doberman). However, the district falls back into the hands of the Ballas gang, when Carl Johnson and Sean "Sweet" Johnson lose influence over the Grove Street Families. Glen Park, once again becomes a district controlled by the Grove Street Families in a later mission in the game.



Stationary Vehicles

Weapons and Pickups

  • Flowers - Hidden in a circle of flowers east of the body of water
  • Police Bribe - In the small arched passageway north of the body of water


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