The Global Police (Globalpol) is an international Law Enforcement Agency mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


Events of GTA V

Not much is known about the workings of Globalpol other than their existence. They're mentioned during a Weazel News broadcast on the radio and seem to have some connection with the Los Santos Police Department.

After the mission Complications, an internet article mentions that Globalpol shared intel that high profile members from a number of Chinese criminal organizations (most notable the Wei Cheng Triad), have entered the U.S. illegally in recent months with a view to infiltrate the North American drug market.

After the mission Three's Company, another internet article mentions that Globalpol is going to help on the fight against drug trafficking on the east coast, by taking the drugs from the cities and puting back in the interior.


  • Globalpol is based on the real life law enforcement agency, Interpol.
  • If the player doesn't pull out Mr. K's tooth in By the Book, he asks Trevor if he works for Globalpol. This is his sickness muffling his words, and Trevor will mock him.
  • The LSPD will at times call themselves this when chasing the player by foot.


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