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"Los Santos-based real estate developer that especializes in converting historic buildings into souless condos that 99% of the population can't afford."
― Description at

Gold Coast Development is a real estate developer based in Los Santos. Their main rivals are STD Contractors. The player can buy their stocks at the website.

Events of GTA V

During the mission The Construction Assassination, Franklin will storm the Mile High Club construction, making STD Contractors stocks drop and the Gold Coast stocks rise, making it a good opportunity for the player to invest on them.

Stock Tip

Invest all the money from all three protagonists in Gold Coast stocks before the mission The Construction Assassination. After completing the mission, wait until the price of the stocks reach it's maximum value (80% of profit) and then sell all the stocks.


  • They may be an Australian company as the Gold Coast is a big tourist location on the coast of Australia.
  • In DRIV3R which is considered a GTA Clone, there is a hotel named Gold Coast.

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