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#REDIRECT [[Gonzalez' Crew]]
{{Infobox gang
|name = Gonzalez' Syndicate
|image = TheColonel'sCoke-GTAVCS.jpg
|game = VCS
|leader = Gonzalez
|type = Drug Cartel
|enemies = [[Diaz' Gang]]<br>[[Sharks]]
|affiliations = [[Cortez Crew]]<br>[[Diaz' Gang]]
|cars = [[Sentinel]]
|weapons = [[AR-15]]<br>[[Micro-SMG]]
|businesses = Drug-trafficking}}
The '''Gonzalez Syndicate''' is a Hispanic syndicate headed by [[Gonzalez]]. They appear in a few missions in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories|Grand Theft Auto: ]][[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories|Vice City Stories]], when [[Victor Vance]] is sent by [[Reni Wassulmaier]] to help Gonzalez and his men fight through [[Diaz' Gang]] to get to the docks in [[Vice Port]]. Another includes Gonzalez' men trying to stop Diaz's drug deal with the [[Drug Enforcement Agency|DEA]].
They are not seen in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] but [[Gonzalez]] is seen talking to men that look like the [[Diaz' Gang]] minutes before his death so the Gonzalez Syndicate was probably with the [[Diaz' Gang]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]].
==Mission Appearances==
'''GTA Vice City Stories'''
*[[The Colonel's Coke]]
*[[Home's on the Range]]
*[[Purple Haze]]
*[[Steal the Deal]][[The Exchange| ]]
*[[The Exchange]]
*[[Farewell to Arms]]
[[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City Stories]]
[[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City Stories]]
[[Category:Latino Gangs]]
[[Category:Latino gangs]]

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