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Goran was a soldier in the Bosnian War and a member of the same fifteen man squad as Niko Bellic, Florian Cravic, Darko Brevic, Mijo, Dragan and Dmitar. During the mission That Special Someone, Darko mentions that "Goran and his guys" had killed Darko's neighbours. This could have been a supporting factor to his eventual betrayal to the squad. Goran most likely grew up with Niko and Roman. Darko says that Goran and his "guys" killed his neighbours. The "guys" are most likely other members of the fifteen man squad. Goran could also have been the leader of the squad and the reason the "guys" followed him and killed Darko´s neighbours. Goran also seems to be the main-reason why Darko betrayed the squad.

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