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Governor Greg Johnson Projects

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Harmony Hieghts (2)

The Governor Greg Johnson Houses.

Governor Greg Johnson Projects is an apartment complex located in Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City. They are mostly based on the Polo Ground towers. There are three 24-story apartments, each 84.56 meters tall, and a few smaller apartments and a Community Center, aswell as several other recreation parks and courts. Two of the buildings are not accessible to the player, except the roof which is only accessible by helicopter. African Americans spawn around the projects in GTA IV As well as some Dominicans, and other people of Latino decent, while in the TBOGT version, there spawns Dominicans and drug dealers around the area. Also a drop off for Armando and Henrique after activities. While in Gov. Greg Johnson if you go the main entrance to the apartment complex, there is usually somebody from the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers that stay at the sign conversing and dealing to crackheads as well as talking to fellow residents. They stay in the same spot day and nightly. 

Crime and Gangs

The projects are notorious for they're high crime rates, it is a hot-spot for drug dealers, junkies and prostitutes.

Known occupants


  •  In one of the buildings there is a sign saying "Harmony Heights Secure Community Housing. Managed Project Apartments For A Brighter Future." This might mean that the projects might have had there name changed before game release, However this is not confirmed, and therefore should not be taken as true info.
  • The poster saying "Harmony Heights Secure Community Housing. Managed Project Apartments For A Brighter Future" are highly misleading as the entryways and hallways are over-run and dirty with graffiti and is a hotspot for prostitutes and drug dealers.

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