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Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is substantially stripped down from that found in previous games, due to the size limitations of the Nintendo DS cartridge. There are five radio stations, yet none of these feature any voice tracks, being purely instrumental. Radio stations in vehicles can be changed through buttons on the touch screen. Interestingly, the radio stations from Grand Theft Auto IV are advertised on billboards throughout the city, yet none are accessible to the player. All the stations are named after real artists of bands, most of whom contributed, albeit with instrumental rather than vocal songs.



Ticklah is a dub radio station, playing primarily reggae-inspired beats. Named after reggae/dub artist Ticklah.

  • Ticklah feat. Rob Symeonn - "Pork Eater"
  • Sonic Boom - "The Dub and the Restless"
  • Rootical Sound - "Dub It Today"
  • Douglass & Degraw feat. Rob Symeonn - "Wicked a Go Dub It"
  • Rootical Sound - "Horny Dub"
  • Calbert Walker - "General TSO"
  • Ticklah - "Descent"
  • Ticklah - "Nine Years"



Deadmau5 is a station playing electronic and progressive house tunes. Named after the DJ deadmau5.

  • BSOD - "Oblique"
  • BSOD - "Choplifted"
  • Deadmau5 feat. MC Flipside - "Hi Friend" (Instrumental Mix)
  • Deadmau5 - "Rubiq"
  • BSOD - "Tilt" (unreleased)
  • BSOD - "Lollercoaster" (Kinda Funny Remix)
  • BSOD - "Lollercoaster" (Outright Hilarious Remix)
  • BSOD - "Saws And Squares"
  • BSOD - "Game Over"
  • BSOD - "Milton"



Alchemist is a station playing experimental hip-hop instrumentals. Named after the music producer The Alchemist.

  • Gangrene - "The Lost One"
  • Gangrene - "Haha"
  • Gangrene - "Assassin"
  • Gangrene - "Crimerate"
  • Gangrene - "Future Trains"
  • Gangrene - "Clubster"
  • Gangrene - "The Thirst"
  • Gangrene - "Quick Jux"
  • Gangrene - "Crack"
  • Gangrene - "Tight"

Truth & Soul


Truth & Soul is a jazz, soul, easy listening and funk station. Named after Truth and Soul, a record label.

  • Bronx River Parkway - "Tribute to Ray"
  • El Michels Affair - "Detroit Twice"
  • El Michels Affair - "Too Late to Turn Back"
  • Lee Field & The Expression - "My World"
  • El Michels Affair - "El Pueblo Unido"
  • Bronx River Parkway feat. Jose Parla & The Candela All Stars - "La Valla"
  • Bronx River Parkway feat. The Candela All Stars - "Me Toca"
  • The Expressions - "Money Is King"
  • Cosmic Force - "Ghetto Down"
  • Cosmic Force - "Trinidad Bumb"

Prairie Cartel


Prairie Cartel is a station playing mostly rock, electronica and indie music. Named after the band The Prairie Cartel.

  • Prairie Cartel - "Burning Down the Other Side"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Beautiful Shadow"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Magnetic South"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Narcotic Inciduos"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Fuck Yeah, That Wide"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Cracktown"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Suitcase Pimp"
  • Prairie Cartel - "No Light"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Lost All Track of Time"
  • Prairie Cartel - "Cloud Sombrero"

PSP/iOS/Android Platforms Only

The PSP version retains the music and style from the DS version and included more tracks exclusive for the PSP version. The following radio stations are exclusive to the PSP, and (with update to 1.1.0) to the iOS & Android versions.



Anvil is a station only playing songs by the Metal band Anvil.

  • Anvil - "Winged Assassins"
  • Anvil - "666"
  • Anvil - "Forged in Fire"
  • Anvil - "March of the Crabs"
  • Anvil - "Metal on Metal"
  • Anvil - "School Love"
  • Anvil - "Thumb Hang"



DFA is a dance-punk, disco and electronica station featuring songs produced by DFA Records.

  • Altair Nouveau - "Space Fortress"
  • Walter Jones - "The Odyssey Sound" (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)
  • Mogg & Naudascher - "Moon Unit Part 1"
  • The Juan MacLean - "The Simple Life"
  • Mogg & Naudascher - "Moon Unit Part 2"
  • Plastique de Rêve - "Lost in the City" feat. Ghostape
  • Skatebård - "Pagans"
  • Max Brannslokker - "Stropharia"
  • Strangelets - "Riot on Planet 10" (Blitz Gramsci Remix)

DJ Khalil

DJKhalil logo

DJ Khalil is a funky hip-hop instrumental radio station playing songs made by DJ Khalil.

  • DJ Khalil - "The Game"

(Defari - "Show Some Luv")

  • DJ Khalil - "Chin Danny" 

(Bo Da Goodfella - "Live From The Garden")

  • DJ Khalil - "Danny Tox"

(Kida - "Street Music")

  • DJ Khalil - "More Meters" 

(Luguz - "High Off Myself")

  • DJ Khalil - "Make It Rain"

(Bishop Lamont - "Inconvenient Truth")

  • DJ Khalil - "Take It Away"

(Latroce Mex - "Le Tsar")

  • DJ Khalil - "New Bishop"

(God'sHand - "Die With My Jutsu")

  • DJ Khalil - "Mr. Skee"

(Chace Infinite feat. Krondon & Phil The Agony - "Welcome")

  • DJ Khalil - "Busta Danny"

(Roc C & Illa J - "Turn It Up")

  • DJ Khalil - "Big Thunder"

(Kobe & Hot Dollar - "Night Life")

  • DJ Khalil - "Chin Danny Rock Beat"

(DJ Khalil & Chin Injeti - "China")

Sinowav FM


Sinowav FM is a radio station that plays typical Chinese folk songs.

  • Ren Tongxiang - "Caravan Bells on the Silk Road"
  • He Xunyou - "Flying Carp"
  • Central Traditional Orchestra - "A Trip To Lhasa - Movement 4: Driving Out Demons"
  • Wang Changyuan - "Battling Against Typhoon"
  • Wang Changyuan - "Guangling Strains"
  • Wang Changyuan - "Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water"
  • China Central Folk Music Orchestra - "Oriole Singing"
  • Zhu Runfu - "Autumn Reflections by the Dongting Lake"



Tortoise is a station playing post-rock. Named after the band Tortoise.

  • Tortoise - "Minors"
  • Tortoise - "Salt the Skies"
  • Tortoise - "Charteroak Foundation"
  • Tortoise - "Seneca"
  • Tortoise - "High Class Slim Came Floatin' In"
  • Tortoise - "Penumbra"
  • Tortoise - "Gigantes"
  • Tortoise - "Northern Something"
  • Tortoise - "Prepare Your Coffin"
  • Tortoise - "3 Ten Day Interval"

Turntables on the Hudson


Turntables on the Hudson is a Worldbeat music station, named after the music festival.

  • Nickodemus - "2 Sips & Magic"
  • Nickodemus & Osiris - "Brooklyn Ole"
  • Zeb - "Toe to Toe"
  • Nickodemus - "Sun Children" (instrumental)
  • Nickodemus & Quantic - "La Lluvia" (instrumental)
  • Nickodemus & Zeb - "Bellies & Brass"
  • Zeb - "Revolutionary Dreams"
  • Zeb - "Afro Disco" (Infragandhi & Cameleon Selecta Remix)
  • Zeb - "Turbo Jeepsy"
  • Zeb - "Balkany & Flowers"

Independence FM


Independence FM is a custom radio station. The player must create an iTunes playlist titled "GTA", which will allow the game to randomly play songs within the playlist. Only available on the iOS & Android versions.


All stations are assigned a rating from zero to five stars, depending on the amount of time the player spends listening to them. These can be views by accessing the radio player in the PDA.

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