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"Hope you enjoyed this week’s 10 screenshot special from Grand Theft Auto V.
We will be back with some more to see in a few weeks or so
Rockstar Games

On July 12, 2012, Rockstar Games released their first two in-game screenshots. On August 20, 22 and 24, 10 more were released, depicting "Vehicles", "Leisure" and "Business". Later that week it was announced that more screenshots would come "in a few weeks or so". On 24 October, a new Artwork was released, also saying that more information about the game would come in November. Five more were also released as a "happy holiday" gift for fans in December.

Please note: we only add on this page screenshots under the trademark of Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games.


Analysis Screenshot
7/12/2012 A Police Maverick flying over Los Santos. PoliceMaverick-GTAV
7/12/2012 An unnamed lake in Los Santos. EchoLake-GTAV
8/20/2012 An unknown Bicycle. First official confirmation of bicycles. Bicycle-GTAV
8/20/2012 A Cheetah. The last H is obscured by the sunlight. 300px
8/20/2012 A fighter jet, possibly a Hydra. Michael is seen in the cockpit, wearing a formal suit similar to what he wears in the trailer. Hydra-GTAV
8/22/2012 Motorcycles resembling the Sanchez on a dusty hill. Motorcycles-GTAV
8/22/2012 A large house and two people playing tennis. Tennis-GTAV
8/22/2012 A person parachuting near a river. Parachuting-GTAV
8/24/2012 What may be Franklin holding on to a Trailer Truck being chased by an LSPD car. ChasedVehicle-GTAV
8/24/2012 A Plane similar to the Cropduster seen in the Trailer. PlaneOverRiver-GTAV
8/24/2012 An Infernus chased by LSPD. Note the red laser from the helicopter. ChasedVehicle2-GTAV
8/24/2012 Trevor aiming at a Police Maverick with an AK-47. TargetingHelicopter-GTAV
12/23/2012 Scuba diving next to a Shark. Shark-GTAV
12/23/2012 Franklin and Chop in an unnamed Classic Car. ClassicCarChopFranklin-GTAV
12/23/2012 A Sea Exploration Vehicle, near a beach. SeaVehicle-GTAV
12/23/2012 A Fighter Jet flying close to a passenger aircraft. Jets-GTAV
12/23/2012 The three protagonists. ProtagonistsSN-GTAV
03/27/2013 A stormy sky in Los Santos. StormySkyLS-GTAV
03/27/2013 A beautiful sunset. BeautifulSunset-GTAV
03/27/2013 Scuba diving. ScubaDivingSea-GTAV
03/27/2013 Skydiving. SkydivingFranklin-GTAV
03/27/2013 Franklin firing a Minigun. FiringMinigun-GTAV
03/27/2013 Police Maverick is hunting an Infernus down. HelicopterSearchLight-GTAV
03/27/2013 The Zancudo River. ZancudoRiverBig-GTAV
03/27/2013 Trevor is riding a bike while being followed by the police. Trevor-GTAV-OnBike
03/27/2013 An F620 in the countryside. F620 countryside-GTAV
03/27/2013 Michael doesn't look happy. MichaelUnhappy-GTAV

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