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#REDIRECT [[Sabre]]
The '''Green Sabre''' is a car featured in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. It appears in [[The Introduction]] and [[The Green Sabre]]. It was used in the drive-by on [[Beverly Johnson]]. In The Introduction it is seen driven by [[Ballas|Ballas members]]. In the mission [[The Green Sabre]], it is seen by [[Carl Johnson|Carl]] and [[Cesar Vialpando|Cesar]] in a car, where [[Frank Tenpenny]], [[Big Smoke]], and [[Ryder]] taking it out of a garage, with [[Eddie Pulaski]] driving it.
* Even though it is used by the Ballas, it is colored green likely to avoid suspicion from the [[Grove Street Families]] during the drive-by.
* The player can make a [[Sabre]] to look like the Green Sabre by driving it into a [[TransFender]] garage and color it green.
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