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Greenglass College in Las Venturas, San Andreas


Greenglass College location

Greenglass College is the major university servicing Las Venturas, San Andreas. It is located in the Blackfield district in the southwest of the city, adjacent to the Blackfield Intersection. Only minutes away to the west is Hunter Quarry, while minutes away to the north, along Julius Thruway West, is Las Venturas Airport and Blackfield Stadium. Students can always be seen frequenting this attractive, yet isolated campus.


  • One Body Armor pickup - Beside two green trash cans in the western part of the campus



  • The building closely resembles the Rockstar North Headquarters, which is likely why it is included in the game as the rather extravagant-looking structure serves no purpose in the game except as a pick-up location for a couple of items.
  • The college is named after David Greenglass, an American-born Soviet spy who worked in the Manhattan project.

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