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Grotti is a luxury-sports car and up-market boat manufacturer featured in the Grand Theft Auto series, based on the real-world Italian automotive company Ferrari.


Throughout the series, the company features the Turismo, Stinger, Cheetah and the most recent models, the Carbonizzare and the Turismo R. Grotti has dealers in Rodeo, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in Algonquin, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. For GTA: San Andreas, Grotti's line-up features the Ferrari F40-based Turismo and the Ferrari 512 TR-based Cheetah. In GTA IV, Grotti's only offering is the 360 Modena-based Turismo. Breaking into a Turismo in Grotti's Algonquin showroom (IV) will give the player one wanted star.

Even though "Grotti" is the plural of "grotto" in Italian, it is presumably a play on the English word "grotty," meaning "seedy." Grotti's logo caricatures Ferrari's; in GTA San Andreas, the galloping horse is replaced with a rabbit/hare and, in GTA IV, instead of a galloping horse, the logo depicts a horse sitting down.

The Grotti Showroom in Liberty City is one of the many buildings that allows you to get to six stars wanted level quickly. Just get to the first floor and start shooting. You can even hold the people inside the building hostage by blocking the front door with a car.

Dealership location

GTA San Andreas

GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City



3D Universe

Vehicle Style Based On (3D Universe) Notes
Cheetah Supercar Ferrari 512 TR
Stinger Sports Car Ferrari Daytona
Turismo Supercar Ferrari F40

HD Universe

Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Blade Speedboat
Carbonizzare Grand Tourer Ferrari California First Appearance in GTA V.
Cheetah Supercar Ferrari Enzo
Smuggler Speedboat
Squalo Speedboat
Stinger Classic Sports Car Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

AC Cobra / Ferrari Dino

Stinger GT Classic Sports Car Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Ferrari Dino

Only appears in GTA Online.
Tropic Speedboat
Turismo Supercar Ferrari 360 Modena
Turismo R Supercar Ferrari LaFerrari Included in The Business Update DLC for GTA V


  • If you bring in a vehicle or use a cheat to spawn a vehicle on the top floor and attempt to drive it, you will receive a wanted level.
  • The Grotti dealership in Middle Park East on Bismarck Ave resembles the New York City Ferrari/Maserati showroom in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Park Avenue.
  • The company name could be a nod to John Gotti, a Mafia boss of the Gambino Crime Family.
  • If you enter the Grotti Dealership in Middle Park East and use a Baseball Bat to knock out all the windows on the main floor, the windows on the second floor will begin to fall either on their own or if the player walks into them.
  • The doors in the Algonquin showroom will occasionally lock but the windows still manage to break.
  • Strangely in Grand Theft Auto V, when driving the Paradise into Los Santos Customs, it says that it is manufactured by Grotti, even thought it is manufactured by Bravado.
  • It is shown to be a very prominent car manufactuer, as shown when companies like call themselves the "Grotti of air travel," similar to how some companies call themselves the "Ferarri of" their work.


See also

  • Ferocious, a car manufacturer in earlier GTA games also based on Ferrari.
  • Grotti Showroom, the main location of Grotti.


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