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"Diaz, huh? Apparently that angry midget runs this madhouse. Let's see what that creep has to do with things..."
Tommy Vercetti

Guardian Angels is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by retired army colonel Juan Cortez from his yacht docked in Ocean Bay Marina in Washington Beach, Vice City.



Cortez's good friend Ricardo Diaz has a deal to close with the Cubans, but he could use some extra security. So Cortez wants Tommy to protect him, Cortez has set up some special firepower for the meeting in the Washington Beach multi-story car park.

The Mission

Drive to the multi-story car park in Ocean Beach and grab the Ruger set up there for you. seconds later Lance Vance arrives, Tommy tells Lance to come along to which he agrees. Now you will have to drive Lance to the meet in an alley in Ocean Beach. When you arrive, Ricardo Diaz will arrive as well, along with his bodyguards. Ricardo will then tell you to get a good vantage point.

Climb onto the balcony behind you and wait for the Cubans to arrive. After 10 seconds of the Cubans' arrival, a Voodoo car will show up and four Haitians will get out. Kill them immediately. Next another Voodoo, kill the Haitians getting out, a van will show up and let off a couple more Haitians, kill them. Then another Voodoo will come in through the opposite end of the alley, kill the Haitians there. Then, a Burrito will come in kill the two Haitians that get out and four more will get out, kill them as well. Throughout the ordeal check on Lance who is in the balcony across you, he will get attacked every once in a while and if he gets killed the mission ends in failure.

After the last Haitian is done with, two last Haitians will appear riding Sanchez's, they will take Diaz's money, but one of them will get killed by Lance, get one of the Uzi's that the dead Haitians drop and then get on the dead guy's bike and chase the other guy, the objective in this section is to kill the Haitian, do it in any way you desire, as long as he doesn't escape.

Once he is dead, grab the briefcase he drops with Diaz's money in it and go back to where Diaz is, give him the money and the mission is complete.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the multistory carpark and pick up the Ruger
  • Go with Lance to the drop off and watch over Diaz
  • Hatians! They're busting the deal! Protect Diaz
  • Grab the bike, chase him down and get Diaz's money back
  • Collect the briefcase and take it back to Diaz

Post mission phone call

Ricardo Diaz: Tommy, is Ricardo Diaz, I want to thank you for looking out for me my man. I ask that prick Cortez, he say you the real deal, my friend, why you not come see me. I need a guy like you. All I have now is dickheads, dickheads everywhere, yo. I make you really rich.


  • Obtaining a Sub-Machine Gun, such as an Uzi, can make the mission easier to complete as it allows the player to perform drive-bys on the fleeing Haitians.
  • It is better to wait until the Haitians have left the alley and returned to the road before attempting to retrieve the briefcases, as the narrow alley may cause the Haitians to crash and damage the bikes, as an explosion may destroy the briefcases.


The reward for completing this mission is $1000 and the mission The Chase is unlocked. The player can also now access Starfish Island.


  • Diaz's Admiral is bullet, fire, explosion, and damage proof. The player can obtain it by failing the mission by killing Diaz, his men, or the Cubans (to break the deal up) and then stealing it. The car can be obtained without failing the mission by quickly running to the direction Diaz left. The vehicle will be there with all its properties untouched. This Admiral also has a unique shade of light grey.
  • In the iOS version of this mission, when the Haitians steal Diaz' money, he orders Tommy and Lance to chase him down. But the word "Haitian" during this dialogue is censored.


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