The Declasse Gumshoe is a modified variant of the Burrito in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The Gumshoe appears to have a satellite dish, with some additional radio equipment mounted on its roof. The van also only appears to be manufactured in a light bluish-gray color.


Although it cannot be directly driven by the player, the van appears to have slightly greater acceleration than the regular Burrito. This can be seen seen in "Sources" when the camera man flees, as well in the mission "Scrambled", where the Gumshoe drives away rapidly while the occupants fire their guns at Huang if he gets too close.


  • The van only appears in the mission "Sources" for Melanie Mallard and "Scrambled" for Wade Heston, and it is not obtainable in free roam (not on any mission).
    • The Gumshoe parked in the back alley in "Scrambled" is locked and fixed to the ground; the van will not move if the player rams into it with another car.
    • In "Scrambled", if the player gets close enough to highjack the driving Gumshoe, the car jack button will be disabled.
    • In "Sources", the camera man flees in a Gumshoe, but does not affect the player's radar.
    • In "Scrambled", the driving Gumshoe will disappear immediately upon being destroyed.