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This is a timeline of events relating to Grand Theft Auto IV.











  • 2000: Mr. McReary commits suicide. The Irish Mob leaves Purgatory and settles in Dukes.
  • 2001 (September 11): The 9/11 attacks occured. The attacks are frequently mentioned, especially in political atmospheres like Weazel News.
  • 2003 (March 20 - May 1): The US first invades Iraq - this conflict is mentioned in GTA IV.
  • 2007: Ray Bulgarin tries to kill Niko Bellic, after one of the operations is failed.
  1. Angels in America, No Love Lost and It's War all take place in that chronological order, when Jason Michaels is killed. In addition, It's War takes place around the same time or shortly after Roman's Sorrow, according to internet news.
  2. Blow Your Cover and Buyer's Market are one event.
  3. Three Leaf Clover and I Luv LC take place on the same day, when a bank is robbed.
  4. This Shit's Cursed takes place very shortly after Chinese Takeout, as during the latter Billy Grey arranges the Triad ambush on Johnny.
  5. Tom Goldberg is killed before Hit the Pipe, according to internet news.
  6. Roman's Holiday takes place very shortly before Hostile Negotiation; Roman Bellic is kidnapped, and is then saved by his cousin.
  7. Frosting On The Cake and Diamonds in the Rough are one event, and both right before Taking in the Trash.
  8. It's hinted during Not So Fast (when Gracie doesn't call Tony back) that I'll Take Her occurs in between Frosting On The Cake / Diamonds in the Rough (same event) and the diamond deal mentioned below. It also places the kidnapping shortly after Taking in the Trash from Niko's perspective.
  9. Museum Piece, Collector's Item and Not So Fast, the infamous diamond deal, and are all one event.
  10. No Way on the Subway takes place during Was It Worth It?, when Jim Fitzgerald is killed.
  11. Ladies' Night happens in between Ransom (because Tony is forwarded the photo) and She's a Keeper (because Gracie is at the original hideout).
  12. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Ladies Half Price are one event.
  13. Dimitri Rascalov is killed before Departure Time.
  • 2008 (October 3): The US government spends $700 billion to bail out several major banks, which Gay Tony briefly mentions in the mission I Luv LC.
  • 2009: The events of GTA Chinatown Wars take place. The GTA IV timeline may also go into early 2009 as many of the songs from EFLC are from 2009.
  • 2013: The events of GTA V take place in Los Santos.

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