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For the police bike in TBOGT and GTA V, see Police Bike, or for the police bike in GTA Vice City Stories, see VCPD WinterGreen.

The HPV-1000 is a police motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The HPV-1000 is a police motorcycle ridden by San Andreas Police Department police bikers. The bike also resembles a Wayfarer but modified, along with a siren and flashing emergency lights. It is very fast and agile (below higher end models such as the FCR-900 and NRG-500), although the player can fall off easily if they have minimal "bike skill". If the Rhino or Hunter is not yet available, this bike is a good choice for completing the Vigilante side mission - mainly because the player can fire a submachine gun straight ahead or on both sides, allowing them to take out the opponent easily. Although its siren is no longer effective in prompting oncoming vehicles to move out of the way, its compact motorcycle design allows it to navigate around traffic far better than full-sized cars.

The HPV-1000 assumes a unique model that isn't shared by another motorcycle, and bears resemblance to a police Kawasaki KZ1000. HPV stands for Highway Patrol Vehicle, though it is also possibly a reference to human papillomavirus, which is one of the most common STDs.


The HPV-1000 has average accelaration, but is considerably fast, faster than most bikes. It is one of the few bikes which have off/on-road tires. This means that it is a very good replacement for the PCJ-600 or Sanchez, if they aren't currently available. It also has a very powerful engine, capable of tackling the toughest of hills and roadways. It is also very agile, though at higher speeds, you might have to resort to brake-turning. Overall, this is a great bike, and one of the best. Its main advantage over other bikes is its versatility; while some bikes (Sanchez, Quadbike) out-perform it off-road, and others (FCR-900, Freeway) surpass it while street racing, it is still considerably good at both.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The HPV-1000 makes an important appearance in "Cop Wheels", in where protagonist Carl Johnson needs to steal four HPV-1000s in various places around Las Venturas for the heist and needs to deliver it to a moving Packer. During the mission, no HPV-1000 appear in traffic, forcing CJ to jack the scripted bikes. HPV-1000s also appear in the mission Reuniting the Families, chasing the gang's car.



  • In a beta version of the game, there was "911" written on the rear, and "SAPD" was replaced with "POLICE".[1] In another beta version, there was a LSPD HPV-1000,[2] implying that there would be a city-specific version of each HPV-1000, rather than a state-wide version.
  • If the player is being chased by a HPV-1000, the officer will shoot at the player even if the player only has one star.
  • Despite having sirens, the HPV-1000's emergency lights doesn't flash from the specified lights. Instead, they flashes from the front turning lights.
  • The engine sound is actually a PCJ-600 in slow motion.


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