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"Manufacturer of vehicles, engines and machinery, once focused on the American market, but now sold in countries that still actually build and farm things."
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HVY Industries (BAWSAQ: HVY) is a heavy machinery and vehicle manufacturer in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto series; it specializes in industrial vehicles. The player can buy stocks from them at the website in GTA V.


The company's name is an abbreviation of "heavy", possibly referring to the type of vehicles it manufactures. It is likely based on Oshkosh or CAT.

HVY also make various farming equipment, like trailers, fertilizer-spreaders and food storers/dispensers, as well as heavy cranes suited for ports. It also manufactures scissor lifts.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Airtug Airport baggage handler Clark CT 30 Manufacturer indicated via police radio chatter.
Biff Dump truck Kenworth T800
Barracks OL Miltary truck Oshkosh MTVR Doesn't show manufacturer from GXT, but shares the front with the Barracks Semi.
Barracks Semi Military trailer-truck Oshkosh MTVR semi
Brickade Armoured truck Navistar and RG-12 APC TBOGT exclusive, but removed in the final version. Determined through police radio chatter.
Crane Port crane
Cutter Tunnel Driller Probably an original concept. No known vehicle is based on. Only available during the final heist in GTA V.
Dock Handler Container handler An unidentified container handler Manufacturer indicated via police radio chatter.
Docktug Tractor trailer truck Ottawa Commando 4x2 Manufacturer indicated via police radio chatter.
Dozer Tractor Caterpillar 963D
Dump Massive Dumptruck Caterpillar 789 Internally is HVY, as the load bed writes Brute.
Forklift Light forklift An unidentified Forklift truck
Insurgent Armored SUV GURKHA RPV Part of the Heists Update. Both variants.
Mixer Large Truck An unidentified Cement Truck Internally is HVY, as the Tipper-Mixer is a Brute vehicle.
Ripley Airline pushback Schopf F296C
Skylift Heavy-lift helicopter S-64 Skycrane Manufacturer indicated via police radio chatter.



  • Combining the two most common industrial manufacturers' names HVY and MTL, will reveal HVYMTL, when not abbreviated, it will read "heavy metal". This is most likely an easter egg.


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