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Hang Out is a feature in Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to hang out with Michael, Franklin and Trevor's friends. Not all of the player's contacts can hang out.


Michael De Santa

Franklin Clinton

  • Jimmy De Santa
  • Lamar Davis
  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips

  • Jimmy De Santa
  • Franklin Clinton
  • Lamar Davis
  • Michael De Santa

How To Hang Out

The player brings out their phone, selects 'Contacts' and highlights the name of the person you want to hang out with. They will answer but sometimes if they're busy, their voicemail will play or it will say 'BUSY'. Once the player called the character, an icon with a person waving will appear. Go to the main menu, waypoint the person and drive to the location. When you reach the location, the character will be waiting for you and once they get in the car, you can hang out with them.

Cause of Failure

  • The character was killed.
  • The character was spooked.
  • The character was abandoned.
  • The character was assaulted.


You can do multiple activities when you hang out, including:

After failures


The character the player was hanging out with will send a text message to the player and $5000 will be deducted from the account.


The character will die or run away.


If the player abandons the character, the character will send a text message asking where did the player go.


If the player assaults the character, for example, jumps on them, the character will insult the player and run away. If the player chooses to follow the character, the character will warn them to go away a few times before they end up knocking the player unconscious.

Calling Character Again

If the player decides to call the character again after assaulting or abandoning them, the protagonist will ask if the character wants to hang out and they will refuse.