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Trevor approaches Floyd's Apartment.
Floyd I miss ya already. (to Debra)
Floyd leaves the condo and looks at Trevor walking up.
Floyd What the F word are you doing here?
Trevor That's a funny way to greet your cousin.
Floyd You ain't my G-damn cousin, Trevor.
Trevor I thought we was family.
Floyd Please just go and ruin somebody else's home furnishings!
Debra Who the F is that, Floyd?
Floyd No one, my sweet!
Trevor Hey, by any chance did you catch crabs at that conference?
Trevor kicks the door open and Debra screams getting scared of Trevor.
Debra Ah! Floyd!
Trevor I heard that those conferences are regular little fuck fests! Huh? Can I come in? Huh?
Debra I'd like you to leave, right now!
Trevor casually walks to the kitchen, grabbing a mug and filling it up with tap water.
Trevor Oh yeah... Some serious corporate gangbanging going on, right? Yeah with every executive and director of communications from here to Bangalore, taking it left, right and center. In the name of the team training, right? I mean that's what Floyd told me yesterday as he was staring at my, err... My penis.
Trevor sits down on the couch.
Debra I want you to leave! Now!
Trevor Look, this is all I've got, alright? I had a tough upbringing. My daddy was not nice to me! Okay? Now, look Debra, I love you, and I love you too, Floyd. Why can't we all just be together, huh? You can have Mondays through Thursdays, you can have the weekends, alright? I know that's not normal but in this crazy, crazy world, is normal so good, huh? Look Debra, Floyd!
Trevor falls onto his knees in front of Debra and Floyd.
Trevor Will you marry me?
Debra Get out of my condo! And you go too, Floyd. I told you, I've got a career. I don't need this... This... This... Crap!
Trevor Yes!
Debra There. Ha... You made me swear. You're crap, Floyd! Crap! You're not a man at all! Bob's right about you.
Trevor Whoa. Who's Bob?
Debra I want both of you to go, now!
Debra walks over to the door and points at it.
Debra You and your weird friend.
Trevor stands up, in disgust from what Debra said.
Trevor Whoa, hey! My name is Trevor, sweetheart.
Debra I... Could give a fuck what the your fucking name is!!
Debra walks over to the kitchen, grabbing a Pistol from a drawer and aims at Trevor.
Debra I'm not afraid to use this. I'm not. Bob taught me.
Floyd quickly grabs a Knife that was laying on the kitchen worktop.
Floyd FUCK BOB!!
Trevor You people are not very fucking nice!
The screen cuts to black. The screen fades back as Trevor leaves the apartment covered in blood, lightly panting.
Wade Oh, hey there, Trevor!
Wade gets scared to see Trevor covered in blood, while Trevor simply get downstairs.
Wade Oh.
Trevor Hey there, Wade.
Wade Did you meet Debra?
Trevor Interesting lady...
Wade I should probably go say hi.
Trevor I wouldn't.
Wade Why not?
Trevor Let's go get in the car, alright? Let's go have the time of our lives!
Wade catches up with Trevor. The screen focuses on the smashed window, showing stains of blood.