Hans Nemesis is a character featuring in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 and an antagonist. Hans Nemesis is the codeword for the leader of Austrian terrorist cell which was operating in London, United Kingdom, during the 1960s; his real name is never revealed.

By 1969, Nemesis was ready to make his move against Britain whilst simultaneously being hunted by British secret agent Endeavour Chambers. However, whilst Chambers was distracted as he flirted with the girls of pimp Jack Parkinson, Chambers' car, a Jug Swinger, was stolen by a young hoodlum looking to teach Chambers a lesson on the orders of Parkinson.

The hoodlum found himself in the middle of a crisis, with Chamber's superiors, believing him to be the secret agent, relaying through walkie-talkie that Hans Nemesis has stolen two mobile nuclear missile launchers. Nemesis had an unknown number of people working with him, one of which was the driver who is killed when the car thief jacked the ICBM. The front for Nemesis' operations is a garage watched over by guards and Royal Stretches in Northwest Brixton, which the protagonist must drive the ICBM to in 75 seconds before it goes off, and then shoot you way through Nemesis' men.

The car thief then obtained the two ICBM codes, which were in two cars traveling around London, foiling Nemesis' plot and unwittingly becoming "a hero among men and a stud among the ladies" in the process. (Chapter 3, Chelsea Smile)


  • Nothing much is revealed of Nemesis; neither what his real name is, or what his motivations are in wanting to blow up Britain. He is described as "genocidal" and "megalomaniacal", but beyond this there are no other clues to his politics.
  • Nemesis shares many traits with a stereotypical villain from the James Bond films. His dialogue indicates that he has had many cat-and-mouse chases with secret agent Endeavour Chambers, and enough close calls in the past to say that he knows him well. He also seems to enjoy playing life-or-death "games" with the secret agent, and the secret agent has fallen for these plans many times, with Nemesis believing himself more intelligent.