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Hare Krishna is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.


They are featured as pedestrians in the original Grand Theft Auto and then become a gang that Claude Speed can take missions from in Grand Theft Auto 2. Krishna's leader, Sunbeam, is Claude's first contact in the industrial sector. The Krishna are at war with The Zaibatsu Corporation and the Russian Mafia.

The Krishna's status is unknown during the end of GTA 2, though it is believed that they were slaughtered in the Vedic temple. Its name derives from Hinduism.


  • In GTA 1 the player received a 'GOURANGA' bonus for running over an entire procession of Hare Krishna. 'GOURANGA' is actually a term that was popularized as use by the Hare Krishna movement during the 1970s. It is often used to describe happiness. This is also a cheat code in the PC version of GTA 2.
  • In the GTA 2 manual, it is said that their criminality is entirely based around stealing and destroying technology, due to the fact that they are tired of being run over by cars with nothing but tambourines to defend themselves (a reference to the first Grand Theft Auto, where the player was rewarded for running them down).


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