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"A small town on the edge of the Grand Senora Desert, where every face is familiar because most of the locals share DNA, 91% of Harmony residents spend some time in prison, which luckily is a short walk home along Route 68."
―GTA V Manual

Harmony is a small hamlet located on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

It is located west of Sandy Shores, northwest of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, and southwest of the Alamo Sea. It serves as a rest-stop for travelers along Route 68. North of Harmony lies Sandy Shores Airfield. It is implied that the people living in Harmony are inbred rednecks who often get arrested and detained at a nearby prison. Despite the town's small size, it has 3 purchasable garages in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Harmony is a tiny hamlet located just outside the Grand Senora Desert. Route 68 cuts through Harmony, and also contains all of the local businesses. Harmony is the typical redneck settlement where inbred yokels live in trailer parks and use meth. Harmony's economy mainly comes from being used as a rest stop, which is why there are two convenience stores right next to each other. There's a Dollar Pills pharmacy and an RV dealership located in the area.

Harmony is divided into two sections: west Harmony and east Harmony. The western side of Harmony is more residential and contains a large trailer park, along with a pharmacy and discount clothing store. The eastern side of Harmony is meant for business and commerce. Most of the stores in Harmony are located here, which include a Los Santos Customs and a Blaine County Fleeca Bank.

Events of GTA V


In Grand Theft Auto V, the community is the location for a random event involving a shootout at the Eastern Motel

Trevor's Strangers and Freaks Civil Border Patrol job, An American Welcome is centered in Harmony. 

The Los Santos Customs branch in east Harmony is a purchasable business for Franklin.

Events of GTA Online

In GTA Online, the Stoner Cement Works is the start setting of the mission Out of Harmony, hence the name. In the mission the player is required to kill members of The Lost MC and then steal a truck full of drugs. The Stoner Cement Works is also the scene of the introductory Survival mission.

Road and Streets

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