Harmony Truck Stop GTAV Overview

View of the truckstop.


Location on the map (red).

The Harmony Truck Stop, also known as the Harmony Storage Yard, is a large truck stop in Grand Theft Auto V, located on Joshua Road in Harmony, Blaine County.


The truck stop is located on Joshua Road and has two entrances, a southern one at the junction with Route 68. The second is opposite the Stoner Cement Works at the junction of the Route 68 Approach.  

When arriving at the truck stop, a trucker will always be driving out carrying a trailer or pulling out of the truck stop or pulling in. The truck stop has one trailer that the player can take using a tractor unit. Other shipping crates not yet on a flatbed lie around the truck stop loading bay. There is the main office located to the north as well as a storage warehouse where supplies for mechanic work and some crates might be held. A gas tank is also present. 

Vehicles that appear in this truck stop are the following: 

In Grand Theft Auto Online the player can purchase the 6-car garage on the property as a safehouse. It is designated 870 Route 68 Approach.

Harmony Truck Stop GTAV Online Safehouse Garage


It is based on the Mojave truck stop in Mojave, California

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The location remains a relatively unused, unmentioned area in the game, however is featured in several missions in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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