"The largest firearms manufacturer in the United States, protecting Americans from each other since 1850."
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Hawk & Little is an American firearm manufacturer in Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks from them at the website.


Not much is known about Hawk & Little, as they are only mentioned in the BAWSAQ website as one of the businesses with stocks available to buy. They are said to be the largest firearm manufacturer in the United States. In the enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V, it manufactures several weapons seen in-game.

The player can buy a hat with their logo in the Binco or Checkout! clothing stores as Trevor.


Hawk & Little appears to be mainly based on Smith & Wesson, as the former's logo is nearly identical to the latter's and because Smith & Wesson was founded in the 1850s. However, the name seems to be derived from Heckler & Koch; both sound somewhat similar, especially with the ampersand (and) conjunction; additionally, the Combat Pistol and the SMG are both based on Heckler & Koch weapons.


Image Weapon Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Bullpup Rifle Bullpup assault rifle QBZ-95,QBZ-97 Added in the High Life Update update for Grand Theft Auto V.
Bullpup Shotgun Bullpup pump-action shotgun Kel-Tec KSG Exclusive to the Special or Collector's Edition of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as the enhanced version.
Combat Pistol Semi-automatic handgun Heckler & Koch P2000, Beretta Px4 Storm
Flare Smoke flare Flare
Heavy Revolver Revolver Taurus Raging Bull, Colt Anaconda, MP412 REX Added in the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals update for Grand Theft Auto Online.
Homing Launcher Heat-seeking rocket launcher SA-7 Grail Added in the Festive Surprise update for Grand Theft Auto V.
Knife Melee weapon Knife
Pistol Semi-automatic handgun Taurus PT92AF
Pistol .50 Semi-automatic handgun Desert Eagle Exclusive to the Special or Collector's Edition of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as the enhanced version.
SMG Submachine gun Heckler & Koch MP5A5
Tear Gas Thrown Tear gas
Mini SMG Submachine gun Škorpion Added in the Bikers update for Grand Theft Auto Online.



  • Hawk & Little's weapons appear to strike a balance between Shrewsbury's simple, cheaper designs and Vom Feuer's expensive, radical designs; they manufacture weapons of simple design that deal low damage and cost less alongside weapons that feature radical designs, deal high damage and are more expensive.
  • Like Shrewsbury, most of Hawk and Little's weapons are based on foreign designs.
  • Hawk & Little produces the Bullpup Rifle, which contradicts the weapon's description of being a Chinese import.