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Hayden Dubose is an unseen character who posts on Lifeinvader and Bleeter, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Hayden works as an investment banker possibly for BAWSAQ. He seems to be a rich and successful investment banker, a regular visitor and member of the Los Santos Golf Club. Hayden is a neighbor of Michael De Santa.


Hayden Dubose is an investment banker, living in Rockford Hills next to Michael's mansion.

He is probably a friend, or at least acquaintance, of Michael as they're friends on Lifeinvader and Bleeter and neighbors. Hayden often frequents the Los Santos Golf Club and has three ex-wives. From what can be seen on his Lifeinvader page, he's apparently racist and addicted to sex. His daugther Melinda is embarrassed by his Lifeinvader posts.


  • Despite Hayden being a frequent visitor of the Los Santos Golf Club, Michael is unable to play golf with him.
  • According to his posts, he owns shares in Lifeinvader.
  • Kyle Chavis was the tennis coach for all of his former wives.


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