Hayes Autos is an auto repair garage that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


The garage is located on Little Bighorn Avenue in Strawberry, Los Santos. It is used to store and modify high-end vehicles stolen by Franklin, Michael, Trevor and Lamar in various missions for Devin Weston.

The garage is quite small and is normally unaccessible in free roam, although it can be entered after finishing the first and third car theft missions for Weston. The exterior is in a noticeably run-down condition, and many wrecked vehicles can be found here.

Prominent Appearances in Missions



  • Once the player is between the missions I Fought the Law... and Pack Man, Franklin will have a unique switch scene where he appears inside the auto shop. If the player roams inside, they can find what appears to be a checklist of all required vehicles within this mission series, written in light blue glowing letters.
    • The Radio Station that plays inside the garage is Radio Los Santos.
      • After I Fought the Law..., the vehicles collected can be found parked in the Hayes Auto lot, with protective covers (see gallery). None of the vehicles can be obtained.

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