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"Assassinate all targets before the time runs out."
Work description.

Headhunter is CEO/VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.


"One of our clients needs his relationship with some former associates brought to a quick and final conclusion. We're anticipating resistance and police interference down the line."
SecuroServ text message.

When activated by a VIP, four targets will be marked on the map around San Andreas for them and their organization to kill. Once started, they are marked for all players in the session. The player can earn a maximum of $30,000 depending on how many targets they kill and depending on time spent. The location of the targets is based on the location of the player at the time of activation; if playing in Blaine County, the targets will be much more spread out and only located around Blaine County, while if playing in Los Santos, the targets will be focused around Los Santos County only. Associates in different locations and counties may affect the location of the targets.

Targets will either be stationary or moving in an armored vehicle. They will be heavily protected with bodyguards, who are equipped with heavy fire-power weaponry and armor. The VIP wears a suit and equips less armor, as well as a handgun. Mobile targets can be the driver or the passenger, and can be found in Armored Baller LEs, Armored Cognoscenti 55s or Armored Cognoscentis. The vehicles and targets are much more durable than in regular gameplay.

"Headhunter has started. Protect the targets Blips-GTAO-Headhunter-Friendly from the attacking Organization to earn cash and RP."

All other players and organizations in the lobby are alerted once headhunter has started and are tasked with protecting the targets marked on the map with blue figures while the enemy organization members are marked with crosshairs. Defenders can work with the target's bodyguards and/or police to defend them (also, they cannot be harmed with friendly fire like explosions). Players will earn cash and RP if they can successfully protect at least one surviving target from the enemy organization once time has run out.

Instructional Messages

You have started Headhunter. Assassinate the targets Blips-GTAO-MovingTarget-Enemy within the time limit to earn cash and RP
Your CEO has started Headhunter. Assassinate the targets Blips-GTAO-MovingTarget-Enemy within the time limit to earn cash and RP.
Headhunter has started. Protect the targets Blips-GTAO-Headhunter-Friendly from the attacking Organization to earn cash and RP.


  • Killing targets in armed air vehicles is one of the best methods, especially for mobile units. Using a vehicle such as a Savage or Buzzard Attack Chopper makes navigation easier, as well as controlling the vehicle and following any mobile targets. Using the lock-on rockets is advised, since the targets can be locked on to.
  • It is advised to take down mobile units by constantly firing missiles and remaining behind the target, stability is key, so that the vehicle is completely destroyed before the bodyguards/VIPs exit the vehicle. Since the vehicles are armored, targets often survive multiple missiles, even when the vehicle is flung into the air, the targets can still escape and flee. Bodyguards will begin to shoot the player while the VIP flees. Approaching the VIP results in him also shooting the player. Taking down the car before they manage to exit it makes killing all members at once easier, and avoids them being able to shoot back.
  • Targets on ground level are best taken out on foot or in a land vehicle, as the target is often surrounded by obstacles or walls, where an air vehicle would struggle to pass to kill them. Up to 5 bodyguards will spawn around the site of the VIP, and again will be heavily armed and armored.
  • The Kuruma (Armored) or the fully-upgraded Weaponized Tampa are effective vehicles in these situations. Being able to protect the occupants from the targets and allowing them to exterminate the targets.
  • All of the armored vehicles driven by targets can have their windows shot out, which can make the targets easier to eliminate. The AP Pistol is recommended.



  • This is one of the four Organization work that can be completed in a solo or invite only session. Others are Asset Recovery, Sightseer, and Hostile Takeover.
  • The vehicles driven by mobile targets can be stolen, but unable to be kept for personnel use.