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Heat is a sportswear clothing company featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V.


Several pedestrians around Liberty City and Los Santos can be seen wearing clothes made by the company, and advertisements can be seen all over Liberty City and San Andreas.

As of 2008, Heat has its own website (; unlike other websites for in-game products, it is inaccessible. Heat is also featured in, and has a theme available to download on

In GTA V, their clothing is sold in Sub Urban stores. The are also some Heat clothing stores across Los Santos. Curiously, in this game, the company features both 1992 and 2008 logos.


Heat is based on the apparel and accessories company Adidas. The company slogan is possibly a nod to Nike's "Just Do It".

One of the Heat logos (used primarily in 1992) looks like two Nike logos facing upward; another (used from 2008 onwards) is somewhat similar to the Adidas "three stripe" logo.

The branch in Del Perro is based on the Puma store in Santa Monica, providing another possible inspiration for the brand.


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