Heavy Weapons X poster.

Heavy Weapons X is a movie in the HD Universe. Heavy Weapons X is supposedly the ninth sequel to the Heavy Weapons film advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and the actors Max Little and Buck Wild have the major roles. A DVD case for the movie can be found in Luis' Apartment and other interiors. The movie can also be found in Jimmy De Santa's room in his home in Grand Theft Auto V.

The film may be based on Lethal Weapon. In 2007, the question of series continuation of Lethal Weapon was discussed and Rockstar decided to outstrip these hearings in their game.

Much like the first movie in the series, the rating for the movie is PS for "Pretty Stupid".


  • In Grand Theft Auto V, after Casing the Jewel Store, Lester will present Michael the options how to run the heist, for the Dumb and Loud option, Lester used a piece of the poster image of this film to represent the choice.
  • The Banshee shown in the poster of the movie appears to be a beta model, as it has a double stripe not seen in the in-game Banshee.