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Hector Hernandez was the host of Radio Espantoso in 1984 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories) and was a failed telenovela actor who is obsessed with making it back to the top, making a deal with Jeremy Robard. He insults Pepe who, by 1986 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), replaces him.

Hector Hernandez is voiced by Frank Rodriguez.


  • Just after the song "Acid" by Ray Barretto, Hector mentions he was a "famous telenovelas (soap operas) actor en El Salvador, en Chile" before becoming a DJ. However, while there indeed is a Chilean town named El Salvador, he was most likely referring to El Salvador, a country in Central America, since Hector has a Caribbean or Central American accent rather than a Chilean one. It is also strange he does not sport an Uruguayan accent, since his voice actor, Frank Rodriguez, is Uruguayan,


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