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Heist Setups are small retrieval missions where certain gear and vehicles are required for carrying out heists in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Jewel Store Job

Intel Gathering

Loud Approach Only

Smart Approach Only

The Merryweather Heist

Intel Gathering

Freight and Offshore Method

Offshore Method Only

Blitz Play

The Paleto Score

The Bureau Raid

Intel Gathering

Covert Approach Only

The Big Score

Intel Gathering

Subtle Approach Only

Obvious Approach Only

GTA Online

Heist name 1st set-up mission 2nd set-up mission 3rd set-up mission 4th set-up mission 5th set-up mission  Heist Finale
Fleeca Job Fleeca Job - Scope Out Fleeca Job - Kuruma N/A N/A N/A The Fleeca Job
Prison Break Prison Break - Plane Prison Break - Bus Prison Break - Station Prison Break - Wet Work N/A The Prison Break
Humane Raid Humane Raid - Key Codes Humane Raid - Insurgents Humane Raid - EMP Humane Raid - Valkyrie Humane Raid - Deliver EMP The Humane Labs Raid
Series A Series A - Coke Series A - Trash Truck Series A - Bikers Series A - Weed Series A - Steal Meth Series A Funding
Pacific Standard Pacific Standard - Vans Pacific Standard - Signal Pacific Standard - Hack Pacific Standard - Convoy Pacific Standard - Bikes The Pacific Standard Job

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