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In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, there are helicopters that appears in certain missions, fly over bridges and Francis International Airport, and chase after the player when they have a 3 star wanted level or more.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

There are two types of helicopter featured in the game:

  • The first one resembles the Police Maverick and is used by the LCPD. Its paint scheme is roughly similar to that of the Grand Theft Auto IV rendition, but with a few tweaks on the badging (emblem is located on the rear, rather than between the side windows). The LCPD variant features an invisible minigun, firing rounds at 5 per second. However, the gun rarely hits, and the player can easily evade it by running away. If the player is in a car, as long as he/she is driving away from it, it is not a threat to a car. However, if the car is stationary, the helicopter can blow it up.
  • The second one is probably a Sparrow with a weapon configuration that resembles that of an AH-6, an attack variant of the MH-6 Little Bird light observation helicopter, which in turn is a military version of the OH-6 Cayuse and the MD 500C. In the PSP and later versions, it assumes a design that is closely based on that of the AH-6 and that apparently, it served as the base design of the Buzzard Attack Chopper, which was featured later in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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The helicopter cannot be obtained without the use of an action replay or other cheating device. If the player commandeers a helicopter using a modification, they can fly it around, shoot weapons from it and throw Grenades or Molotovs from it. It is interesting to know that the helicopter cannot be damaged if its blades touch a building, because there is no coding for a vehicle normally unobtainable. However, the helicopter itself can be damaged if the body of the helicopter hits something. The helicopter has no actual scripted name and cannot be obtained anywhere without a cheating device. The helicopter controlled by the player also has no engine noise and cannot be re-entered after exited. In the DS and the iPhone version, the helicopter doesn't have the strip on the windshield and seems to have "Police" marked on the side, but the PSP version is basically a Maverick with a blue/white livelry. The helicopter used by the LCPD has a pilot, which may fall out the door after crashing. LCPD Officers that attempt to bust you can open the door and drag you out, sometimes even getting inside the helicopter for a few seconds making the radio sound effects similar to those in GTA IV.

These are the controls of the Helicopter in the Nintendo DS version:

  • B - Ascend
  • Y - Descend
  • R - Rotate Right
  • L - Rotate Left
  • D-Pad - Move
  • X - Exit Vehicle
  • START - Pause


  • Oddly, when the player exits the helicopter, the engine sound will be heard, as well as changing the camera view inside the helicopter makes the engine come back on until it zooms back in.

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