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This article is about the uncontrollable helicopters in Grand Theft Auto III. For the helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 1, see Helicopter (GTA 1). For other similar counterparts, see Maverick or Helicopter (disambiguation).

The Helicopter as seen in "The Exchange".

A helicopter named simply as Helicopter, or by its internal name, Escape, is an aircraft in Grand Theft Auto III.


The helicopter is essentially a civilian variant of Grand Theft Auto III's police helicopter (also unnamed). The helicopter is colored white, and lacks the gunner, the spotlight, and the loudspeaker of the police helicopter. Sharing the same body design as the police helicopter, the helicopter is assumed to be also based on the Bell 205.

This helicopter is featured in only one mission, "The Exchange", where is it used by Catalina to flee from the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove to Cochrane Dam. While it departs from the front of mansion compound, the player is instructed to reach the helicopter's destination at the dam.

As the player pushes through the dam towards Catalina, Catalina reenters the helicopter and uses it to drop explosives on the dam in an attempt to kill the player. However, like the police helicopter, Catalina's helicopter can be shot down the same way: with a rocket launcher or a powerful gun.

Also the helicopter is not solid, and only is solid when it comes into contact with a weapon, much like the police helicopter.




  • While game files indicate the helicopter's color is defined as black, it is white when it appears in game.
  • You can reach the helicopter by using the Flying Rhino (with use of the turret with the flying cars cheat enabled) to reach it. Unfortunately, when you try to enter it, Claude will walk around in circles. The reason for this is because Rockstar didn't intend for players to reach it, and they didn't set an area where a door could open. It's not solid, and even using a cheat to blow it up won't work. It's able to be blown up after you reach the chopper via the normal method.
  • One of its textures reads LCPD POLICE and K638LC, the same words found on the LCPD Helicopter.
  • Since GTA: Vice City has left over from GTA III, the Helicopter's texture, and handling are still there, It can be spawned through mods, and fully controllable. Its in-game name, is that of its successor, but its internal name in Vice City is "Heli", and unlike its GTA III counterpart, it has a poorly detailed interior, It also lacks a door animation, meaning the player enters the Helicopter without opening a door, although the door sound can be heard. This maybe could mean that the Helicopter was at some point of development to be added to Vice City, but it doesn't appear in the final build of the game, and a similar helicopter, the Maverick, replace it instead.

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