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The Helitours Maverick is a tour helicopter adapted from the Maverick in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Helitours Maverick is owned and operated by Higgins Helitours, a company based in southern Algonquin, Liberty City, and is distinct only in that it is emblazoned with the company's logo and custom livery. With this vehicle, the player has the option of either taking a guided tour of Liberty City for a fee of $150, or simply stealing the helicopter for personal use.

A Helitours Maverick can be seen taking off at the Helitours base at Fishmarket South, or at Firefly Beach, Broker. Usually it can be heard or seen flying around parts of Liberty City, however if the player shoots it down with an RPG they will receive a 4 star wanted level. This is because all helicopters that spawn flying around Liberty City spawn with an LCPD officer as the pilot.

While previous Mavericks were based upon the Bell 206L Longranger (except the VCN Maverick), this one draws from the
Tourmav liv

The Helitours Maverick's paintjob.

Bell 407. Note the 4-blade main rotor.


  • In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, you can occasionally spot a Helitours Maverick flying around the city.
  • If the player is taking a Helitour, they can press Y at any time and jump out. If the player does not have a parachute, they will simply fall and die if they jump out over land.
  • Players cannot use weapons while in the passenger seat of a Helitours Maverick.
  • There is a glitch involving the Helitours Maverick flying away with no pilot. To do this glitch, go to the Heliport and take a tour in the Chopper, then jump out as soon as the tour begins and get back in. If you do this the pilot will be pushed out the door and the Helitours Maverick will continue flying.
  • There's another glitch involved with the aforementioned one. After the pilot of the helicopter is forced out, get out again. The helicopter's rotors will stop spinning, but the helicopter will continue flying for a while before the game realises there is no pilot and it crashes nearby.
  • The police radio will call it a white Maverick although most of the helicopter is yellow and blue. This is because the model itself is white; the yellow and blue is a static texture.
  • If chased by the police with a minimum of three stars wanted level, the police will also call in the Helitours Maverick to hunt down the player. It doesn't do anything more than shout police warnings though, because it doesn't have a gun.

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