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For a similarly named car in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, see Hellenbach.

The Hellenbach GT is a high performance muscle car exclusive in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The Hellenbach GT is a two-door coupe that resembles a 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar, except for minor differences like the single headlights and added turn signals, and the sides are closer to a 1968 – 1970 AMC AMX. While its body design may occasionally include single-tone body colors, the Hellenbach GT may also appear with the hood of a different color.


Despite its small size, the Hellenbach GT is capable of high speeds and handles well, thanks to its large displacement, supercharged V8 that gives high horsepower. The Hellenbach has an extremely high top speed, and beats the Yakuza Stinger and Cheetah on top speed. It also has better handling, and can take more damage before exploding or catching on fire. Interestingly, the Hellenbach GT is all-wheel drive, which is unusual for a muscle car, but this vastly improves its handling.

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Special Variants

  • There are three special colors of the vehicle in the race Low Rider Rumble (white, brilliant red and sky blue). They can be obtained using this trick: Start the race as usual, but remain in the starting line until the end of the race. Wait for the other racers to cross the finish line. Get into the car of your choice and drive it to your safehouse garage. Leave the garage door open and fire a rocket or grenade at the car. You will fail the race by damaging one of your competitors' cars, but it will be repaired once again after the garage door closes. Save as usual.

Prominent Appearances in Missions


  • Snuff——During this mission a Sindacco high-ranking member owned a Hellenbach GT which was driven by Toni and resprayed after he was killed.



  • Hellenbach means "Bright Creek" in German.
  • The default radio station for the Hellenbach GT is Flashback FM.
  • The engine and horn is shared with the Banshee.

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