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Female online player in a White full-face helmet.

The Helmet is a clothing item that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA San Andreas

ProLaps offers four kinds of helmets: the Boxing Helmet ($80), Full Face Helmet ($150), MotoX Helmet ($100), and Helmut ($100).

GTA IV and Ballad of Gay Tony

The Helmet is no longer a purchasable item. If the player gets on a motorcycle, the protagonist will automatically put a helmet on provided the player doesn't start driving immediately. Once the player gets off a motorcycle, the protagonist will discard the helmet. Some NPCs also have unique helmets, while others wear no helmet at all.

Helmets are purely cosmetic and offer no protection against crashes and the impact of bullets.

In The Lost and Damned, the player doesn't wear a helmet, due to the outlaw motorcycle gang theme of the game.



Armando Torres, Gay Tony, Henrique Bardas, Johnny Klebitz, Timur, other Lost MC members None

Alex Chilton, Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins, Karen Daniels

Pink with no visor

Brian Meech

Jet black with a white disc on the temple and a clear visor

Brucie Kibbutz

Light blue with two white stripes at the bottom
Cherise Glover Green with a white strip at the bottom
Dimitri Rascalov

Green with two white stripes along the temples

Dwayne Forge

Dark brown

Eddie Low Black with a dark green stripe
Florian Cravic Pink

Hossan Ramzy


Ivan Bytchkov Green with blue and white stripes and stars
Kate McReary White with swirls of light green on the sides

Little Jacob

Old biker helmet resembling a military one

Manny Escuela Black with orange and yellow stripes
Mel White with a blue stripe at the bottom

Niko Bellic

White with red and blue stars, light blue with green and white stripes, or black

Packie McReary Irish Green
Phil Bell Black with gold stripes

Playboy X

Black with a white stripe and a tinted visor

Real Badman

Green and black

Roman Bellic

Pale with two stripes, black and white

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online

Helmets return and are used in the same way as in GTA IV and San Andreas. Like in GTA IV, helmets do not protect the player from crashes. In GTA Online, all players start with Trevor's Black Open-Face Helmet. During motorcycle races they will automaticly be wearing the last helmet they equipped (additional helmets can be purchased at a clothing/discount store).

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