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They goal of the Grand Theft Auto Wiki is to gather as much Grand Theft Auto related info as possible, in one place, for all to enjoy. There are several reasons one might want to use such a site, one being research. 'Fair Use' laws allow freely distributable, non-copywritten information to be enjoyed by all.

Information is broken into categories, and further into articles.

Categories may be shown to include:

  • Textual information:
    • Articles
    • Glossary Entries
  • Artwork:
    • Character Gallery
    • Cover Art
    • Fan-Art
  • Forum Discussion:
    • Opinions
    • Polls
    • Debate
  • Links:
    • Other resources not mentioned above.


Like every good story, articles have two sides.

The first is the polished article, itself. This is the body of information where factual data is compiled and written mostly in prose. All text and no pictures can be quite dry, so often images, sounds, tables or charts are interlaced with text to enrich the readers experience.

The second side is the talk or discussion page. Here, wiki-editors speak their mind about the development of the related article and how they see upcoming changes progressing. Rather than tainting the article with first person commentary, a special place is reserved for just such a purpose.

Glossary Entries

Short, sweet and to the point' best describes this tool. A quick guide to the vernacular used by the database and its editors. Not sure of a term? Check here first. Each entry can also be linked to directly so as to avoid having to search through dozens of unrelated terms.

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