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New Window Links allows you to specify that specific links you add to a page will open up in a new window (or tab, depending on browser) when clicked instead of forwarding the user along in the same browser window.

Step by step

  • Where you would normally link a page using wikitext like this:
    [[page name|link text]]
  • Use instead...
    {{ #NewWindowLink: page name | link text }}
  • Click the link on the save page - a new window or tab will be opened.


Here's some examples of different ways you can use these links:

Linked page/URL is also the text of the link
{{ #NewWindowLink: Special:AllPages }}
Local links
{{ #NewWindowLink: Special:AllPages | A list of pages on the wiki }}
A list of pages on the wiki
Image links
{{ #NewWindowLink: Special:AllPages | [[File:Wiki.png|50px|link=]] }}
External links
{{ #NewWindowLink: | MediaWiki }}
Interwiki links
{{ #NewWindowLink: Wikipedia:MediaWiki | Wikipedia article about MediaWiki }}
Wikipedia article about MediaWiki
Mailto links
{{ #NewWindowLink: | Mail John }}
Mail John

See also

  • Help:Links - help creating normal links in the visual editor
  • Help:Wikitext - help on creating normal links in source mode

Further help and feedback

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