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Hemlock Tattoo in GTA San Andreas.


Hemlock Tattoo's tattoos, which are unavailable in the PlayStation 2 version of GTA San Andreas.

Hemlock Tattoo is a tattoo parlor in the district of Hashbury in San Fierro, San Andreas. It is located next to the SubUrban clothing store. Here, the player can make Carl Johnson, the protagonist, have different designs of tattoos on different parts of the body.

In the PlayStation 2 version of GTA San Andreas, Hemlock Tattoo is inaccessible to the player, resulting in the player having no access to Hemlock Tattoo's unique selection of tattoos. This problem was rectified for succeeding versions of the game.


  • The tattoo, "San Fiero" is misspelled as it is missing an 'R', this isn't the only cause, the non-interactive San Fierro Rifa gang tag is too written with only one 'R'.
  • This is the only named tattoo parlor in the game, but it still says only "Tattoo Parlor" when entered.

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